Complete Streets for Shoal Creek Boulevard

Number of Petition Signatures: 116

Shoal Creek Boulevard is one of Austin’s most well-utilized bicycle commuting and recreation corridors. On weekend days, bikes frequently outnumber cars on the street. But for almost a decade, Austinites have settled for an uneasy compromise on Shoal Creek: Wide shoulders where bikes and parked cars mix. For experienced bicyclists, navigating this awkward situation is workable, but kids and less-experienced riders don’t feel safe swerving into moving traffic to avoid the parked cars. Bike Austin volunteers are leading an effort to accomplish two goals through a transformation of the street:

  1. Add protected bike lanes to serve people of all-ages and abilities on the street.
  2. Improve the street for more experienced bicyclists through signage, on-street markings and traffic calming.

Supporting Organizations & Community Leaders:

Katie Pena – Principal, Highland Park Elementary
Jane Kronke – Principal, Bryker Woods Elementary
Bryker Woods PTA Executive Board
Green Scotties
Scotties On The Move
Rosedale Neighborhood Association