Safe Cycling Announcement


Learn about traffic safety, cycling specific laws and how to get around in Austin by bicycle

AUSTIN, TX (November 21, 2017) Beginning in December through September 2018, Bike Austin Education Fund will be offering Austin Safe Cycling Education and Encouragement Project classes to the public through a partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation. This project aims to educate motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians on traffic laws pertaining to bicyclists and pedestrians and encourage more people to ride bicycles and walk safely. Two of these classes throughout the year will be conducted in Spanish.

It is the objective of the project to reduce the number of motor vehicle-related pedestrian and bicyclist fatalities by increasing public information and education on motorists’ responsibilities pertaining to pedestrian and bicyclist safety and public information and education efforts on pedestrian and bicyclist safety.

Austin is home to a substantial and growing proportion of Texas bicyclists.  According to the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey, only 0.2% of Texas residents bicycled to work in 2015. This proportion was over six times higher in Austin, at 1.3%, representing approximately 6,800 bicycle commuters.

In 2015, Austin was home to just 4% of the state’s workers, yet 27% of its bicycle commuters. Although the overall proportion of commuters who bike to work has increased only moderately in the past decade (from 1.1% in 2005-­2009 to 1.3% from 2011-2015), the overall number of bicycle commuters in Austin has increased by 62% due to the substantial growth in Austin’s population during this time period. To increase safety and reduce injury for Texas bicyclists, increasing safety for Austin bicyclists is critical.

A substantial number of bicycle injuries are sustained each year by Austin area bicyclists. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, 1533 bicyclists were involved in collisions with motor vehicles on Travis County roadways in the five­-year period from 2010­-2014, or about 300 per year, with a low of 245 in 2010 to a high of 348 in 2011.

Please keep an eye out on our website, under “Learn” for class listings.

If you are an employer and would like to schedule a City Cycling class for your commuters (cyclist and motorist) OR if you are a commuter and would like to sign up for a class, please email for details.


About Bike Austin Education Fund: Bike Austin Education Fund works with Bike Austin and is an expert resource that helps people remove the situational and metal barrier to all kinds of cycling and multimodal transportation options as well as have a greater realization of the overall wellness benefits of cycling.

We envision Central Texas as a place where everyone recognizes and embraces the benefits of cycling, whether they ride or not, and where cycling is a common aspect of daily life for everyone. Central Texas has a comprehensive bicycle network enabling people in the region to comfortably, safely and efficiently use a bike for transportation and recreation. Bicycling supports the community as a whole by: increasing roadway capacity and user mobility; strengthening the economy and household affordability; improving the environment; and promoting an active, healthy lifestyle.

For more information about Bike Austin Education Fund, you may contact Michelle LeBlanc, Education Director at or 630-404-7774 or you may go to, and to learn about the Education Committee, go to .