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The Rundberg Lane corridor is among the most visited and most dangerous street in North Austin – a significant landmark for our community and a place of nearly daily traffic violence. The Cameron Road corridor is quickly developing, serving as a major North/South alternative to I-35.  This road boasts six lanes of traffic albeit with narrow lanes and high speed automotive traffic.  Transforming this road to include protected bike lanes as new housing districts, gas stations, churches, and multi-family units are constructed will provide safe alternatives to these new residents and businesses.  

On a daily basis in this area, thousands of people–including mothers with young children, seniors, and people with disabilities–risk life and limb walking, bicycling and taking public transit to access the YMCA, HEB, Gus Garcia Recreation Center, Metro Rapid, Barrington and Guerrero Thompson Elementary Schools, local businesses and dozens of other neighborhood destinations in North Austin.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to stay that way. We’re taking action now so more crashes can be prevented down the road.

Bike Austin volunteers are working to bring protected bike lanes and pedestrian safety improvements to these corridors to reduce lethal speeding, create a safer, more inviting atmosphere for walking, bicycling and public transportation and connect neighborhoods throughout North Austin.
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Cameron/Rundberg Campaign Meeting

Sunday, September 24th at 1:30pm – 3:00pm

Gus Garcia Rec Center (1201 E Rundberg Ln, Austin, TX 78753)