Canyon Lake Ride


ride-box-white-alt2Our rides are open to all adult cyclists or under-18 riders with an accompanying adult. You will be asked to sign in at the beginning of a ride and acknowledge that all rides are on public roads and that you participate at your own risk. To ride with us, you must wear a properly fitted CPSC or Snell-rated bicycle helmet. It’s also important to carry:

  • full water bottles
  • easily-accessible identification
  • a cell phone
  • cash for snacks at rest stops
  • spare tube(s), tire levers & inflator (pump and/or CO2)

You should arrive early and be ready to roll at least 5 minutes prior to the posted start time to           attend a safety briefing.  Rides may be canceled at the discretion of the leader/starter if weather conditions make it unsafe to ride.

To view a listing of area route maps click HERE or on Ride Icon.

All of Bike Austin rides are insured under our policy. If interested in leading/posting a ride with us, please contact Mercedes Feris, Executive Director.

Hosted Rides

Hosted rides are all “no drop” and are led by trained Bike Austin member volunteers. The rides are offered throughout the week and can be scheduled at any time during the day. Each ride has a pre-determined distance, pace and terrain. If you join a ride but later want to leave the group for any reason, please let the leader know you’ll be dropping out.

Try to match yourself to an appropriate ride depending on your level of experience and fitness – it’s important that a slower rider doesn’t feel pressured to ride unsafely to maintain pace. If you’re unsure of your abilities, try to pick a ride that you think will be easy for you, then move to a more difficult level as you gain confidence.

Often the group gets strung out on straightaways or at lights, but the leader on a hosted ride will re-group. If you should find that the pace is beyond your ability, don’t hesitate to speak to the leader. The ride leader will make sure you have directions back to the start or can call a friend for a rescue pickup.

Self-Paced Rides

Self-Paced rides offer several distance options but no pre-defined pace/speed. Most are offered on weekends and many start out-of-town. After you sign in, the ride starter will offer you a route map and/or cue sheet. The starter will go through the safety briefing, explain the various routes, and invite riders for each distance to “buddy-up”.  Forming groups is natural on these social rides, but unlike a hosted ride there is no obligation on self-paced rides for any riders to stay together.

Once on the road, no ride support is offered, so riders should be able to read a map and change a flat. Speeds on self-paced rides will vary and groups will often introduce some friendly competition on flat stretches. Because of that, self-paced rides might not appeal to novice riders.