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Choosing Your Route:
  • The best route to your destination is not necessarily the route you would typically take by car. The City of Austin produces a valuable bicycle map that focuses on the needs of bicycle traffic. You can buy a printed copy at local stores.
  • Google Maps has built-in functionality to provide you with custom directions by bicycle.
  • Ride The City also provides custom directions by bicycle, but with flexibility to specify route comfort.
  • CAMPO provides a five-country Austin metro map, using a format similar to the City of Austin map. They also distribute a printed version.
  • Commute Solutions has several links to other Austin-area bicycle maps.
Combining Bicycling with Transit:

A great way to travel even further with a bike is to bring it onto a bus or train. All Cap Metro buses and trains are equipped for carrying bikes, and combining options is easy. Learn how it works on CapMetro’s website.

Choosing A Bicycle:
  • You can get familiar with most of the basic bicycle types here and here.
  • Your nearby bike shop can also help you choose the bicycle(s) that is right for you. Go prepared with a budget range and an idea of what you’ll be using your new bike for.
  • B-cycle, Austin’s bike share program is a great option.

Finding Ride Partners and Group Rides:

Bicycle Maintenance and Repairs:

Knowing the Laws:
Crash Card Front

Crash Card Front

    • A person operating a bicycle has generally the same rights and responsibilities as when he/she operates a motor vehicle. More information is available via the City of Austin, which has compiled several links to Austin ordinances and Texas statutes.
    • General Smart Cycling Tips from the League of American Bicyclists.
    • In the unfortunate incident that you are involved in a crash, have this crash card on hand to collect the appropriate information.
    • Download this Crash Card here
    • The Center for Cycling Education Ticket Dismissal online traffic skills course.
Crash Card Back

Crash Card Back

Getting More Bikeways:
  • Bike Austin not only advocates for more bikeways in the Austin metro, but we also provide tools and information so that you can advocate effectively as well.
Urban Trails Master Plan
  • This plan maps out a citywide network of non-motorized, multi-use path ways that are used by bicyclists, walkers and runners for both transportation and recreation purposes. The master plan designates the development and placement of these trail systems to ensure a unified and functioning network of urban trails, on street bike ways, and side walks that connect to transit stops and bike share stations. The Urban Trails Master Plan will be presented to City Council for approval in late August or September. The bicycling community needs to show their support by attending the city council meeting.
Bicycle Master Plan
  • Austin’s ambitious Bicycle Master Plan calls for an inter-connected network of protected bike lanes and urban trails throughout Austin.