Choosing Your Route: 
The best route to your destination is not necessarily the route you would typically take by car. The City of Austin produces a valuable bicycle map that focuses on the needs of bicycle traffic. You can buy a printed copy at local stores.
  • Google Maps has built-in functionality to provide you with custom directions by bicycle.
  • Ride The City also provides custom directions by bicycle, but with the flexibility to specify route comfort.
  • Commute Solutions has several links to other Austin-area bicycle maps.
Combining Bicycling with Transit:

A great way to travel even further with a bike is to bring it onto a bus or train. All Cap Metro buses and trains are equipped for carrying bikes, and combining options are easy. Learn how it works on CapMetro’s website.

Choosing A Bicycle:

  • You can get familiar with most of the basic bicycle types here and here.
  • Your nearby bike shop can also help you choose the bicycle(s) that is right for you. Go prepared with a budget range and an idea of what you’ll be using your new bike for.

Finding Ride Partners and Group Rides:

  • Bike Buddy (launched in May 2013) matches people who want to try bicycle commuting with experienced bicycle commuters who want to help.

Bicycle Maintenance and Repairs:

Knowing the Laws:

    • A person operating a bicycle has generally the same rights and responsibilities as when he/she operates a motor vehicle. More information is available via the City of Austin, which has compiled several links to Austin ordinances and Texas statutes.
    • General Smart Cycling Tips from the League of American Bicyclists.
    • In the unfortunate incident that you are involved in a crash, have this crash card on hand to collect the appropriate information.
    • The Center for Cycling Education Ticket Dismissal online traffic skills course.
Bicycle Master Plan
  • Austin’s ambitious Bicycle Master Plan calls for an interconnected network of protected bike lanes and urban trails throughout Austin.