Adult Learn To Ride

Many of us never learned to ride when we were young. Now’s a good time. Treat yourself by adding this fun, healthy activity to the long list of things you can do. We use balance bikes to let you learn balance quickly.

Taught by nationally-certified League Cycling Instructors, this one-on-one course is not only effective, but fun! In only 3 hours, you’ll learn to start, balance, stop, scan around you, signal, turn and shift gears confidently.

The cost is for a one-on-one training session is $50 per hour and based on the discretion of the instructor. Small-group sessions are also available.

If interested and need financial assistance please let us know how we can help.

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For youth, ages 15 & under, interested in learning to ride a bicycle, check out our partner organizations:

Woom Bikes: Mathias
Yellow Bike Project