“Pathways To Equity” – A New Report From Bike Austin

Pathways to Equity_Report

Bike Austin’s latest report, “Pathways to Equity,” explores how major investments in Austin’s bicycle and pedestrian network can help make Austin a more affordable place to live.

Because bicycling and walking are the most affordable means of transportation, the report argues, building “Active Transportation” infrastructure is one of the best ways to provide equitable access to local jobs, schools and important neighborhood assets like libraries and parks.

By mapping the distance to these destinations on Austin’s street grid, the report demonstrates how ladders of opportunity like reliable public transit, public schools and libraries are within walking and bicycling distance for large percentages of Austin’s residents. However, because many streets lack safe, protected bike and pedestrian paths, residents without the resources to pay for a personal automobile can’t avail themselves of these assets without risking life and limb.


Click here to view interactive versions of the biking and walking “Service Area” maps, courtesy of Andrew Thornton, of Encoding Pixels.