Welcome to the Bike Austin Education Committee Page!

Bike Austin’s Education Committee is comprised of Ride Leaders and League Cycling Instructors as well as volunteers whose mission is to improve the quality of life for all of Austin and Central Texas by growing bicycling as a form of transportation, exercise, and recreation.

Our 2017- 2018 rock stars and committee members are:

  • Stanton Truxillo – Past Bike Austin President
  • Erick Benz – Bike Austin Board Vice President, Education Committee Board Liaison
  • Preston Tyree – Trike Neighborhoods
  • Doug Ballew – LCI
  • Scott Jenney – University of Texas
  • Ed Menard, BackAmp Research
  • Clark Shaffer – Austin Community College
  • Lynn Peterson – Slow Down Fitness, Personal Fitness Coaching
  • Javier López Cantú – Bike Austin Ride Leader
  • Cyrus Hagar – Ride Leader, CapTex Cruisers “One Speed is All You Need”
  • Eileen – (past) research, advisory
  • George Maroukis, super volunteer, research

Our Mission and Vision:

We believe that cycling should be safe and accessible. Cycling benefits all people, regardless of socioeconomic status, age, gender, and ethnicity, and cycling is an integral part of a robust, comprehensive, and multi-modal transportation system. Through our work we serve cycling in whatever form necessary, and in combination with other forms of transportation. We support all people who cycle, including those new to cycling and the experienced. It is our goal in the next five years also to make cycling an accepted part of any school curriculum.

Most importantly, Bike Austin is an expert resource that helps people remove the situational and mental barriers to cycling. Through our educational programs and rides, it is our mission to:

    1. Increase motorists’ awareness and acceptance of bicyclists;
    2. Improve cyclists’ safety and behaviors;
    3. Reduce the number of traffic incidents involving people who bike;
    4. Deliver improved and refined education programming to 250 new cyclists per year;
    5. Recruit 20 new ride leaders per year;
    6. Increase ridership diversity so that at least 25% of people reached through our educational programs come from minority populations and at least 50% are women.


The Education Committee meets monthly. The closed session is followed by an open meeting which includes addressing LCI and Ride Leader successes and concerns and is open to the public. If you have any questions or are interested in helping us improve the state of cycling education in central Texas, please contact Education Director, Michelle LeBlanc at michelle@bikeaustin.org

Happy Cycling!