You have heard many of our member stories as to why Bike Austin matters and whether the reason you ride a bike is Environmental, for health, Traffic relieving, Financial or Recreational, one thing is certain: we are working as one toward the same mission. Through your support, we are stronger in having a unified voice to gain the political clout and influence to achieve our collective vision in making Austin safer and better with a cohesive connected bicycle network to encourage active transportation for all ages and abilities. Our vision is to create a diverse community that encompasses everyone that rides and to educate those that do not. The best way to accomplish our mission is to encourage all people on bikes to be a Bike Austin supporter.

ADVOCACYHow we build leaders to win campaigns: We build grassroots power with neighborhood-led campaigns and ensure connectivity through new multi-model construction integrating comfortably with existing infrastructure. We host district-wide Ciclovia’s with an advocacy angle to inspire creative thinking for solutions to today’s connectivity issues. We empower our volunteer leaders by investing in in their attendance at national and international events and conferences relating to active transportation advocacy and organizing. We establish a base of multi-model equity-minded decision-makers in Central Texas putting Austin on the map as a city promoting a better quality of life through this vast connected network of pedestrian and bicycle access.

MEMBERSHIP: Because of our advocacy and education efforts, your voice is amplified through our membership program. Together we are building a better community for Austin with safer streets and viable options for active transportation. We use the bicycle as our tool to bridge our passions in healthy lifestyles, the environment, mobility, and equity. As a Bike Austin member, you are influential in the movement for making Austin one of the best cities to live in or visit. When you become a member, you become a part of Bike Austin and the movement to safer streets for all ages and abilities.

EDUCATION: Bike Austin Education Fund empowers people on bike and motorists through our education classes and awareness campaigns. We promote the rules of the road, sharing the road and keeping each other safe on the road. We promote courtesy and understanding among all road users alike. According to the Center for Disease Control, in 2015 in the United States, more than 1000 bicyclists died and over 467,000 bicycle-related injuries. We believe if we all work together, we can end this. We want there to be no barriers to bicycle education and safe active transportation networks throughout Austin and central Texas. With the passing of two Transportation Bonds within one year the City has earmarked limited for Education and Outreach throughout Austin; Travis County has none. Without outreach programs to educate and encourage residents, much of the improved infrastructure will go underutilized. Securing additional support will allow our educational programs and awareness campaigns to reach more people on bikes, pedestrians, and motorists.

Bike Austin is a 501(c)(4) organization that supports our bicycling advocacy, education and encouragement programs in Central Texas. Gifts to the Bike Austin may be used to support direct political lobbying or candidate endorsements and may not be tax-deductible. The Bike Austin Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization that supports our bicycling education and encouragement programs and these charitable gifts are fully tax-deductible. Gifts to the Bike Austin Education Fund are not used to support direct political lobbying or candidate endorsements.

TAX ID: 77-0107548

$100 Helps us grow the movement
$250 Provides advocacy education to underserved communities
$500 Allows us to continue our advocacy efforts in Austin
$1,000 Enables Bike Austin to double our organizing power to win more protected bike lanes
$2,500 Enables Bike Austin to help grow bicycle advocacy leaders throughout Central Texas
Your donations help Bike Austin grow bicycling and promote safe infrastructure for
all ages and abilities.If you want to do more, please email to set up a time to talk
about the vision and potential of Bike Austin.


$100 Gets bike safety information into the hands of 50 bike commuters
$250 Helps Bike Austin become a better resource for other non-profits that look to us for support
Allows us to offer free education to area non-profits
$500 Allows us to host a bike rodeo in the community
Allows us to grow the bicycling movement
$1,000 Helps us hold free community safe city cycling classes
Allows us to never to turn down someone who is need of bicycle safety gear for transportation
$2,500 Funds a round-table conversation between the local law enforcement and the bicycling community
Your donations help Bike Austin Education Fund grow bicycling through education for
all ages and abilities.If you want to do more, please email to set up a time to talk about the vision and potential of the Bike Austin Education Fund.