Bike Austin is growing its areas of work in Advocacy, Education, Membership, and Outreach.  Bike Austin has a committee in each of these areas to strengthen our collective efforts. Interested in making change in your neighborhood and supporting your community? Join the Advocacy Committee. Do you have great ideas for making Austin safer and better for all road users or want to be a Ride Leader?  Join the Education Committee. Are you great at engaging with people or businesses in growing the movement by joining Bike Austin? Join the Membership Committee. Do you have graphic design and communication skills or want to hang out with us at events? Join the Events/Outreach Committee. Whatever your interest or talent is, there’s a committee for you.

When you volunteer with Bike Austin, you become a leader in your community.  Twenty hours of volunteering with us makes you an official Bike Austin Ambassador, cards included.

Bike Austin tracks your volunteer hours with openCurrents. openCurrents offers alternative currency through social action. Every volunteer hour with Bike Austin counts as alternative currency. It’s a great way to earn credit for volunteering with us and eventually cash in your credit at participating businesses! (Or use it towards a Bike Austin membershipmerchandise, and events.)

The Bike Austin team needs YOU to strengthen our impact.  Join a committee!  Bring a friend!