Bike Austin’s Ambassador Program develops leaders in the bicycle community for our collective efforts in increasing roadway capacity and user mobility; strengthening the economy and household affordability; improving the environment; and promoting an active, healthy lifestyle.  We track volunteer hours through openCurrents, a platform that allows you to accrue alternative currency for social action.  Create an openCurrents account today and track your volunteer hours with us!  Have a specific interest?  Join a committee!  Sign up to volunteer here.

How to submit volunteer hours with openCurrents:
  • Click “Log in” at top right of if you’re not logged in already (or click your name at the top right if you’re on your org admin page)
  • Click blue “Give time” button on profile page
  • Click “Record hours” in popup on profile
  • Enter description of volunteer work, date of work, and start/end time
  • Select Bike Austin as organization
  • Select the admin who will approve (or decline) your hours
  • Click “Submit for approval”. Done!
  • Important: Please submit your hours within a week of the event.

Leadership Ladder Roles

Ambassadors (20+ hours) are top level volunteers and bike advocacy experts in Austin. These community leaders keep our efforts sustainable by organizing, supporting, empowering Coordinators.

Coordinator (12 – 20 hours) support Captains and Volunteers through organizing and role facilitation. Coordinators have gone through advanced level trainings (i.e. advanced media trainings, event planning training, facilitation training) and share trainings and resources with Captains, Volunteers, and other community members when relevant.

Captains (6 – 11 hours) have participated in multiple Bike Austin events or actions and express interest in continued commitment. With a more specific role, Captains organize and train new Bike Austin volunteers. Some potential roles include but are not limited to Media Captain, Events Captain, Sign on Captain or Recruitment Captain

Volunteers (1 – 5 hours) are community members who have attended at least one Bike Austin hosted event, volunteer meeting, or campaign action. As our largest group of activists, volunteers are recruited online and through on the ground outreach efforts.

Engagement Opportunities

  • Phone-banking
  • Collecting petitions
  • Attending volunteer meeting
  • Helping w membership
  • Attending a ride
  • Attending a workshop/class/training/course
  • Attending an BA hosted event
  • Becoming a membership
  • Sign a petition/fill out a survey
  • LCIs
  • Business/neighborhood sign on
  • Follow on FB/Twitter/any social media

Volunteer Roles (non-exhaustive)

  • Media/LTE Captain
  • Media/LTE Coordinator
  • Recruitment Captain
  • Recruitment Coordinator
  • Events Captain
  • Events Coordinator
  • Sign-ons Captain
  • Sign-ons Coordinator

Ways We Build Leaders

Snowflake model is a way to organized connection with volunteers while simultaneously developing volunteer leaders.

Indy meetings or individual meetings are about connecting with volunteers individually and in person. These meetings are essential for relationship building and help organizers to identify strengths and interests

Keeping an open mind when developing volunteer leaders. Some volunteers will surprise us with creative ways they can help shape the movement for bike equity. Being accommodating to fresh ways community advocates can plug in opens opportunities as long as strategy in centered.

Casting a wide net when recruiting new folks ensures diversity of experiences and perspectives that makes this work whole and sustainable.

Online and Offline Organizing
Bike Austin aims to connect with our supporters online via social media and our website as well as in-person gatherings and meetings. Offline engagement opportunities for online supporters are a way to create a more cohesive volunteer group. Using social media and our online presence as a way to get people in the door or out petitioning on the streets builds people power and gives community members options in how they choose to engage with us and the larger bike advocacy movement.