Complete Streets for Riverside Drive

Riverside Dr Web pic


Riverside Drive is one of South Austin’s busiest streets, but it lacks the bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure needed to protect Austinities from dangerous traffic. In April of this year, a pedestrian and a cyclist were critically injured after being hit by cars on East Riverside Drive. One month later, a young cyclist was killed by a drunk driver on the 600 block of East Riverside Drive. And just recently, a pedestrian was killed walking on a part of Riverside with inadequate sidewalks.

This critical East-West corridor runs through dense commercial and residential neighborhoods, but its wide span encourages drivers to regularly drive far above the legal speed limit. The Bike Austin Neighborhood Bike Advocacy Committee is calling for a ”Complete Street” with protected bike lanes, traffic calming measures and pedestrian safety improvements on Riverside Drive to reduce lethal speeding, boost local business and improve quality of life along the entire corridor.

To get involved, RSVP for our next Neighborhood Bike Advocacy Committee Meeting, which meets the second Wednesday of every month at 6:30PM at Bike Austin – 1000 Brazos Street.


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