We Teach

Bike Austin is an expert resource that helps people remove the situational and mental barriers to cycling. Over the next five years our educational programs and rides will:

1.  Reduce the number of bike-related injuries on Austin-area streets by half and the number of fatalities to 0 by 2020

2.  Improve bicyclists’ safety and behaviors

3.  Increase motorists’ awareness and acceptance of bicyclist

During the two years, we will:

Develop and deliver a bicycle education program for print, social media, and event booths

Incorporate and model elements of good bicycling behavior into group rides

Significantly increase the number of elementary school bicyclists

Establish a bicycling education program as part of a motor vehicle bicycle awareness campaign

Develop a program for law enforcement officials to familiarize and recognize bicycle safety issues


We Grow the Movement

By 2020, Bike Austin has significantly increased the number of people who bike by engaging our volunteers, members, and the community. Over the next five years our educational programs and rides will:

1.  Triple the number of trips by bicycle

2.  Increase the types of group rides to attract a wider more diverse ridership

3.  Increase the number of women who bicycle

4.  Increase to 25 the number of Bicycle-Friendly Businesses in Central Texas

5.  Increase the public’s awareness that Bike Austin is the expert resource in bike safety, education, and advocacy

6.  Double our membership numbers

Over the next two years we will:

1.  Establish rides and events in key neighborhoods

2.  Create a casual ride series: art tour, murals tour, pools tour, etc.

3.  Recruit 20 new ride leaders

4.  Establish key messages for target audiences

5.  Establish rides for women

6.  Develop a beginning rider series to encourage and promote bicycling among women (How to ride a bike,  bike maintenance, hazard avoidance, route planning, and group rides)

We Shape Infrastructure

Bike Austin will create an environment that is safe, convenient, and attractive to get more people riding bikes. By 2020, we will work with key stakeholders to increase connectivity between existing facilities to:

1.  Increase the mileage of protected facilities more than current Bike Plan recommendations

2.  Increase bike parking in the urban core by 50%

3.  Advocate to fully connect our trails to existing infrastructure, including rail and bus facilities, creating useful transportation corridors

4.  Influence and shape land use policy to ensure bike-friendly development

5.  Increase showers and related facilities for commuters who ride their bike

Over the two years, we will:

Ensure that at least one person will attend community meetings and ceremonies relating to bicycling infrastructure

Hold infrastructure related agencies accountable and keep members up to date on progress of important projects

Ensure the installation of more protected bike lanes

Increase bike parking and bike valet opportunities

Create a system for bicyclist’s to report streets and/or areas where bicycle racks are needed


We Advocate

Bike Austin brings together a strong and engaged community that empowers us to mobilize to achieve political success. By 2020 we will:

Have candidates that support Bike Austin’s mission

Build a vibrant grassroots movement

Achieve LAB Bicycle Friendly Community Platinum status

Over the two years we will:

Develop a strategy for 10 /1 and execute it

Administer a candidate questionnaire so that the public understands each candidate’s views as they relate to bicycling

Establish key contacts in each neighborhood and develop a grassroots campaign out of each district

Increase the number of members who participate in our advocacy network

Strengthen direct advocacy that cultivates bike friendly candidates and policies

Work to elect candidates that support Bike Austin’s mission