A red-hot date is fast approaching!

Saturday, August 8 is the day we would normally be doing our traditional Hottest Day of the Year Ride. We’re not doing our traditional group ride this year, but we encourage you to celebrate the occasion by getting out and enjoying a balmy ride on your own and sharing it with us socially. 

Find us on Instagram or Facebook and share your ride using #HottestDayoftheYearRide. We’ll re-share your post!

Here are some suggestions for routes to explore for your self-guided Hottest Date of the Year Ride:

Healthy Streets

Healthy Streets are low-traffic areas created in response to COVID-19 to allow enough space to maintain physical distance. They  are achieved by creating “soft closures” on select local streets to through traffic. Try out a ride along a healthy street and enjoy safer bicycling. 

Click here to see the full list of locations that are implementing Healthy Streets and click here to see a map and share your feedback after you ride.

Austin Black History Tour

Talib Abdullahi has created a bike route to 12 different sites across the city to showcase local Black history. The route is 8.46 miles to honor George Floyd, who was killed in May after a Minneapolis police officer held his knee on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes and 46 seconds. 

Click here to see the map of the Austin Black History Tour route and click here to learn more about the tour. 

Temporary Bike Lanes on Congress Ave.

Austin Transportation has installed temporary protected bicycle lanes on Congress Avenue from Riverside Drive to 11th Street to improve safety and to address COVID19 risk-based guidelines to ensure enough physical distance for all people using the Avenue and on the Ann Richards Bridge.

Click here to learn more about the Congress Ave. bike lanes.

New Bike Lanes on Shoal Creek

The final segment of bikeway installation on Shoal Creek Boulevard between 38th Street and US 183 is now complete! Enjoy riding these protected lanes which are finally fully connected. To stay updated on the project and view maps, click here.