$750 million.

That’s what Austin needs to build out a safe bicycle and pedestrian network.

On July 15, we’ll ask Austin City Council to put that investment on the ballot this fall.

We can’t do this without you, Austin Sign our petition and help us win our biggest ever victory.

Austin is the brink of a transportation revolution. More people than ever are bicycling and walking and everyone wants a better future than being stuck in traffic behind the wheel of a car. Change has come and people want more of it.

That’s why we’re asking Austin City Council to place a $750 million Safe Mobility Bond on November’s ballot for a public vote. This would be the biggest win for bicycling and walking in Austin’s history.

The Safe Mobility Bond would pay for the high and highest priority sidewalks, bike lanes and trails, based on the plans for each, and result in:

Based on the cost of general obligation bonds passed by Austin voters in the last 20 years, our estimate is that the cost of the Safe Mobility Bond to the owner of a median value home in Austin would be less than $4-$5/month or $48-$60/year starting no sooner than 2024 when these bonds would begin to be sold

This would be a HUGE ask and we need every supporter on board. Sign our Safe Mobility petition NOW and then get 5 or more friends to do the same. Let’s show City Council we mean business!