In response to the COVID 19 pandemic, Austin City Council directed Austin Transportation (Resolution 20200507-062), to create places that promote physical and mental health and provide safe options to access jobs and services. Called “Healthy Streets,” people can more comfortably use these low-traffic areas for activities like walking, wheelchair rolling, running, and bicycling with enough space to maintain physical distance. Healthy Streets are achieved by creating “soft closures” on select local streets to through traffic and maintaining local access only for residents, deliveries, and emergency vehicles. 

Austin Transportation will continue to evaluate previously proposed streets not selected, as well as alternative routes and community-based suggestions, in preparation for an expected third batch of Healthy Streets to be announced the coming weeks. Healthy Streets are expected to remain in place as long as resources allow and physical distancing requirements are recommended, based on COVID-19 risk-based guidelines.

Community members can provide feedback on current Healthy Streets, suggest new Healthy Streets, and provide feedback on the Healthy Streets Initiative as a whole to help Austin Transportation staff develop routes and numbly make adjustments.

Healthy Streets are implemented or coming soon along these initial roadway segments:

  • Bouldin Ave. / S 3rd St. / Garden Villa Ln. from Banister Ln. to Barton Springs Rd.  
  • Comal St. from Manor Rd. to Lady Bird Lake  
  • Country Club Creek Trail extension (Trail, Wickersham Ln., Oltorf St., Pleasant Valley Rd., Ventura Dr., Madera Dr.) from  Mabel Davis Park to Lakeshore Dr. 
  • Riverside Dr. from Lamar Blvd. to South 1st St. 
  • Pleasant Valley Rd. from Canterbury St. To S. Lakeshore Blvd. 
  • Avenue G from 38th Street to 56th Street,
  • Belfast Drive from Broadmoor Drive to Cameron Road, and
  • Street segments comprising Marsh Drive, Leo Street, Seminary Ridge Drive and Whispering Oaks Drive from West Slaughter Lane to West William Cannon Drive.

To get more information or ask questions about Healthy Streets, visit the project website or contact the project team via email at