This is an emergency and we need your help. Bike Austin and 30 other organizations have just put a crucial proposal to the City of Austin: To create a citywide network of “Slow Streets” during this pandemic to allow safe exercise on neighborhood streets to reduce crowding in parks or on trails. These streets would be bike/pedestrian-priority and only local traffic would be allowed. 

We need “Slow Streets” to address this serious crisis. The mental and physical health impacts of the pandemic are escalating and exercise on neighborhood streets will greatly help mitigate these effects. This approach has emerged as a best practice based on actions in OaklandDenver, and other cities. 

Where do you think Slow Streets should go? Make your voice heard through the petition. Sign our petition and tell City Council: “We need Slow Streets NOW.”

Time is tight. We need to show our support before City Council’s meeting this Friday 5/1. Sign the petition and then spread the word to everyone. We need to win this.