Take the City of Austin Stassney Lane survey (deadline: 1/19) and tell the City:
I want protected bike lanes and pedestrian improvements on Stassney.
The City will use this survey to make its decision so please take a minute to complete it.

Stassney Lane is an important east-west bicycling route in south Austin, but who enjoys riding it? Let’s make it safe.

Safe bike routes in south Austin are a rarity. Stassney Lane is one of the few viable options but the street is wide, fast, and feels dangerous. We need to change that. Luckily, the City of Austin has opened a conversation for protected bike lanes on 2 miles of Stassney between S Congress and West Gate Blvd. If we could win this, we could transform bicycling in this underserved part of Austin.

However, a recent community meeting for Stassney was not well attended and there’s a real chance that the City will back down from its initial plans. We can’t let that happen and the way to win this is for everyone to take the City’s Stassney survey and support protected bike lanes.

3 reasons you should care, even if you don’t ride this part of town

1. Stassney is on the City’s all ages and abilities network; it’s supposed to be protected. If we let the City back off from Stassney, it’ll set a bad precedent for every other project. The City must follow through on EVERY bike project.

2. More people bicycling on Stassney means more people riding everywhere else too, making us all safer.

3. Most importantly, people in south Austin have few safe bicycling options. They deserve quality protected bike lanes on Stassney.

What to do next

This is a numbers game. If we can get enough people to take the City’s Stassney Lane survey, we can win. It’s all about that survey.

What should you ask for? We recommend overall supporting the City’s plans and insisting on protected bike lanes (not a path shared with pedestrians) using protection with something better than white plastic posts.

Thanks for your support!

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