When and why did you decide to become a Bike Austin member?
I became a Bike Austin member this year when I started to work with the organization through Smart Trips Austin, a program that encourages people to make trips by bike, transit, and walking. Bike Austin plays a huge role in building a more bikable community in Austin.

What benefits or positive outcomes have you enjoyed as a Bike Austin member?
I really enjoy the bike ride calendar as it makes it easy to plug into community events. I also enjoy staying up-to-date on all advocacy efforts and calls to action, which I wouldn’t know about without Bike Austin.

Why is Bike Austin important to the Austin cycling community?
Austin needs a loud voice for the cycling community in a city so dominated by car-centric development. They’re integral to help shaping a city that is supportive of people and inspires community.

Why/how are donations important to Bike Austin’s Advocacy Fund and education programs?
Education is ALWAYS an absolutely integral role in the process of change. We need more people on bikes and less people relying solely on vehicular travel. Education is a must!

Jonathon + Jolene

What cycling story do you want to share?
I started riding my bike when living in Chicago because I was too impatient waiting for trains with the cold wind in my face. I decided riding would keep me warmer and get me to wherever I wanted to be on my schedule. I’ve been commuting by bike ever since then!

Anything personalized or fun about your experience as a cyclist and why Bike Austin has made this more possible, empowering, safe, groovy, etc.
Stoked to see more and more bike lanes and paths being built due to the direct advocacy by Bike Austin!