Bike-ragrai: a few years ago, Ragbrai came through Cedar Falls, Iowa, where I was living at the time. We didn’t go on Ragbrai but that doesn’t mean we couldn’t party with those who did.

When and why did you decide to become a Bike Austin member?
As soon as I moved from Iowa to Austin, I knew biking was going to be my main mode of transportation when I got here so getting involved seemed pretty obvious.

What benefits or positive outcomes have you enjoyed as a Bike Austin member?
I enjoy major equipment discounts, access to sweet rides, opportunities to help out within the organization and meet other biker types.

Why is Bike Austin important to the Austin cycling community?
Bike Austin advocates for bicyclists, as well as the trails and bike lanes that we all use and love.

Why/how are donations important to Bike Austin’s Advocacy Fund and education programs?
Austin is very much a car-centric city. In order for that to change, we need organizations like Bike Austin educating the public on why they should look out for bicyclists on the road. 

What cycling story do you want to share?

bike-biscuits: food trucks, where you can usually find our bikes.

Last summer, my wife and I went on 25-mile ice cream ride through three cities in Iowa. It was the longest ride we’ve done but we got free ice cream so it was worth it, obviously.

Anything personalized or fun about your experience as a cyclist and why Bike Austin has made this more possible, empowering, safe, groovy, etc.
I haven’t been here long so I don’t have many stories but I do know the new lights downtown are great for my commute. So anything that Bike Austin did to make that happen is super appreciated.