What a journey! As they say, time flies when you’re having fun. When I started with Bike Austin in April, 2015 I was (still am) passionate about how infrastructure plays┬ásuch an important role in our health as it creates pathways to healthy food, healthcare, school and work. This is why Bike Austin’s role is so important.

Step into my (cycling) shoes for a moment: A few weeks ago I went for a ride with my daughter, Sulema. Now that she’s a little older we rode from our place (Riverside/Pleasant Valley area) to see bicycle art (Ai Weiwei) and from there we went to the capitol building. She saw the protected bike facilities for the first time in the downtown area which also have bike signals. What she said fueled my passion.

She said, “Mommy, this is AMAZING! I wish there were bike lanes like this all over Austin so everyone can ride and I can go with you everywhere!”

I agreed as I felt she was safe and I didn’t have to ride to her left, being the barrier from cars.

This is why Bike Austin matters to me and has always mattered to me. As an adult I’ll ride anywhere and everywhere, but it’s important to be reminded that safe bicycle infrastructure is imperative to get more children riding safely and for those who are not as fearless as myself. This fearlessness didn’t happen overnight, but was built after years of riding. With your support we can continue to do more work in our community, but can’t do it without you.

Bike Austin wishes to work toward building more advocacy and education throughout the city of Austin, but we do need your support.

Above is my story but everyone has their own story as to why they ride. Share your story with us. We’d love to hear it.