Many people think of cycling safety just with regard to safe riders on the road, but as an organization trying to build ridership, we build community. That means watching out for one another even when we aren’t in the saddle. Bike theft is on the rise and as a society, we need to enforce the idea that it’s just not cool. Many cyclists are truly in love with their bikes – but, also, bikes are expensive. They are either a labor of love or a sizable out of pocket expense. An expense the majority of cyclists cannot afford to easily replace.

We want to support new cyclists that take the risk to get on the road or on the path. Cycling is GREAT after all, or we wouldn’t do it. Cyclists are also some of the most empathetic people you will ever meet – so we understand if someone is in dire straits. Just like in any theft situation, it’s a violation of our personal human space and it’s just not cool. There are organizations and people out there that want to help people get back on their feet and not have to turn to thieving. So, let’s watch out for each other and keep each other safe out there. It is our hope that one day, cyclists will see more corporations, small businesses and buildings allowing bikes indoors or have monitored, secure bike racks. We’ve been seeing more indoor bike racks – big shout out to Spokesman (just had our member love event there last month!) and Crux (they also have a rewards program if you show you ride your bike there) on the Southside, for example  – and always thank businesses doing good things for cyclists! Here in Austin there are many of them! Thank you!

OTHER TIDBITS: Once we get ourselves in a safe space, we can help encourage non cyclists to get out there and feel the freedom of the newly found bicycle. Here’s an over view of some cool (and safe) places to ride and some rules of the road – we hope they will be helpful to you on your cycling adventures!