Tell us a little about why you’re a bicycle-supporting business and a little about your business, in general.
Home Slice Pizza loves whenever people do the things that make them feel good. Going to music festivals, entire days at the greenbelt, binge watching Netfilx, riding their bikes for hours, and eating as much pizza as humanly possible.

Why did you decide to become a Bike Austin small business member?  (Or why might you decide to become a Bike Austin small business member?)
Being part of the community is very important to us. Instead of advertising, we use that money to give to as many Austin-based organizations as we possibly can. We even have a Give Local program to help customers donate a portion of their bill while giving them the opportunity to select one from three different charities.

What benefits or positive outcomes do you (would you) hope to enjoy as a Bike Austin small business member?
Being able to reach out to the bike riding people of Austin. We would love to get the word out whenever he have an event or a new opening to as many people as possible.

What’s up, Home Slice?

Why do you think Bike Austin is important to the Austin cycling community?
Many people are not aware of their rights and privileges in general. It’s great to have organizations out there that bring all the necessary information to their groups. Bike Austin, educates, supports and brings together all people that have chosen bike riding as a way of life.

Why/how do you think donations are important to Bike Austin’s Advocacy Fund and education programs?
Every business that partners with charitable organizations just bring more awareness to the community of the impact they make for everyone involved. There is no such thing as “too much of a good thing” when it comes to this.

Anything personalized or fun about your experience as cyclists/small business owners and why Bike Austin has made this more possible, empowering, safe, groovy, etc.
We are proud to have a large amount of employees and customers that bike to Home Slice every day. We love seeing Austin become a safer place for cyclists everywhere.