When and why did you decide to become a Bike Austin member?
I joined Bike Austin this spring after talking to a member at one their morning fueling stations.

What benefits or positive outcomes have you enjoyed as a Bike Austin member?
Bike Austin has given me a chance to engage in outreach to the greater Austin cycling community. As an avid cyclist, it’s always interesting to learn about why other people ride bikes and imagine ways the city can grow to meet their needs.

            Bike Austin member Flora Lang

Why is Bike Austin important to the Austin cycling community?
To me Bike Austin is important because it has the potential to unite Austin’s diverse population of cyclists and harness this coalition to enact real change in our city. I ride bikes practically, socially, and competitively, and I often feel like there’s a perceived divide between these types of riders, when really we’re all looking to claim our right to safe roads in a car-centric culture.

You’re an active volunteer.  Tell us why you like volunteering with Bike Austin.  What are some of the benefits?
I’m an Americorps member, and part of my term of service includes finding local nonprofits to devote extra volunteer hours. Volunteering with Bike Austin has been a great way to serve one of my passions and meet other members of the Austin cycling community.

Anything personalized or fun about your experience as a cyclist and why Bike Austin has made this more possible, empowering, safe, groovy, etc.
As an early morning commuter, I really appreciate Bike Austin’s morning fueling stations! Free coffee on the way to work really perks up my day.

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