Hops & Grain Brewery loves bikes!

Tell us a little about why you’re a bicycle-supporting business and a little about your business, in general.
Hops & Grain Brewing prides ourselves in supporting a sustainable and active life-style.  Our Founder has made the 1400 mile trek in support of 1400 Miles three times, riding from Austin to Denver on his bike in support of prostate awareness.  Hops & Grain team members are offered a monthly bonus program based on using alternative transportation – and you can often find ten or more bikes parked in our brewery.


Why did you decide to become a Bike Austin small business member?
We are supportive of enjoying life on two wheels and sharing that love with others.  Joining the Bike Austin Small Business Member program is exciting for Hops & Grain as we hope to grow the love of cycling through sharing our passion for coffee & beer!

What benefits or positive outcomes do you hope to enjoy as a Bike Austin small business member?
We hope to see even more bikes parked outside our tap room!  We are also working on hosting a weekly or bi-monthly social bike ride from the tap room this summer and hope this helps spread the word.

The Hops & Grain bike crew

Why do you think Bike Austin is important to the Austin cycling community?
Bike Austin offers social rides, but also educational sessions for riders of all levels. This is important for the Austin bike scene and riders as it encourages growth, but also riding within the policies of Austin cycling and helping share those policies with more riders.

Why/how do you think donations are important to Bike Austin’s Advocacy Fund and education programs?
We are strong believers in education, which is why we have both an analytical lab and sensory lab in our small brewery.  We know how education can help expand ideas, while also ensuring the long-term goal of quality.  Donations to Bike Austin’s Advocacy Fund and education programs will only help the Austin bike community continue to grow and thrive in the best ways possible.