Joe Williams enjoying bike & brew fun

When and why did you decide to become a Bike Austin member?
To start, I recently moved from Denver and wanted to meet people that were interested in cycling like I am. I attended a volunteer night shortly after moving and it was a great time drinking beer and swapping bike stories while stuffing letters for new members. Coincidentally this was also the first night of the Bike Austin Membership Committee meeting. I decided to hang around and hear what the group was all about. After hearing about all the great things the Bike Austin board has planned for members, I signed up right away.

What benefits or positive outcomes have you enjoyed as a Bike Austin member?
It feels great to be involved in something that I know is working towards a better biking culture in Austin. When I attend events it doesn’t even feel like volunteering; it’s just plain fun. I attended the Member Love Happy Hour at Friends & Allies brewing and had a great time chatting with fellow bike nuts and enjoying delicious cold brews.

Why is Bike Austin important to the Austin cycling community?
Bike Austin serves as an interaction platform for everyone in the cycling community around Austin. Whether you are interested in long rides or just relaxing with like-minded people, Bike Austin makes it easy to interact with like-minded people that you otherwise may not have met.

Why/how are donations important to Bike Austin’s Advocacy Fund and education programs?
Extremely. Bike Austin is supported by its members and donations. They make it possible to get certain bonds through city council and enact positive change for the City of Austin.

I hear you’re part of the Membership Committee.  Tell us more about that.  Why did you join?  What have been some benefits for you through your participation?  Why do you think others should join?
I’ve been on the Membership Committee since day one. Our goal is to improve the benefits of our members and build a strong community throughout the diverse range of cyclists that exist in Austin. To be honest, I joined because I enjoy free craft beer, but the experiences I’ve had so far have made me feel immediate acceptance within a greater community. After a few short months, we’ve planned and programmed for some amazing new events and benefits of members.

Anything personalized or fun about your experience as a cyclist and why Bike Austin has made this more possible, empowering, safe, groovy, etc.
Personally, I don’t own a car. I often get a lot incredulous looks when I explain this to people. But Bike Austin makes me feel part of a team. As a day-to-day cyclist, I see areas around town that cycling infrastructure should be improved or replicated, and I know Bike Austin is the group to get that done. I look forward to meeting more members at upcoming happy hours and events, and I’m always around if someone needs a cycling buddy.