I have been a Bike Austin member since 2011. Most of us do, or have done volunteering with various deserving organizations. I really wanted to step it up in whatever way was possible.  Being a lifelong bicyclist, I felt my experience could be valuable for helping to improve the bicycle community and infrastructure here in Austin.  It’s been a great fit!

As a Bike Austin member, I have enjoyed the benefits of group, charity, and social rides… plus Bike Austin often provides refreshments!  The campaign work with the public is also rewarding, and I like the overlap with other positive organizations, such as Vision Zero, Marathon Kids, Ghisallo Foundation and so many more. These groups really are moving towards building a better Austin.

Bike Austin is important to the bicycling community in Austin because bicycling and Bike Austin together are one of the cornerstones of safe and smart mobility.  We need safe and smart options in our total transportation infrastructure (pedestrian, bicycling, public transportation, and roadways). It’s not free, and I don’t mind paying for it.  Can we really be a World Class city without World Class bicycling options?

I believe that donations to Bike Austin’s Advocacy Fund and education programs are important because you can ask just about any school kid about “Green Energy” and get a great answer! Parents, teachers, and community do well teaching all aspects of sustainable living.  The bike community makes some of it happen! We need to continue to advocate and fill “the bicycling infrastructure toolbox” along with instructing Austin’s youth on how to safely utilize the growing collection of smart biking tools.  Not everyone needs to hop on a bike, but not everyone needs to jump in a car either. Support the bike option and set a great “Green” example for the next generation!

In my experience as a bicyclist, I enjoy seeing other bicyclists in the darnedest places around here!  Not to mention my workout rides, taking the kids out on their bikes… or on our family cargo bike!  Bike Austin is a great voice for the gamut of bicyclists, young or old, tourist or racer. We all benefit from the great work that’s been done.  I enjoy being part of it, and will continue to do what I can! I commute to work on bike at least 1,500 miles per year.  I’m not saving a whole lot of money on fuel, but that’s not the point. It’s always been about the ride!  You can throw in the benefits we all get from it too, like the feeling of leaving my car parked for days, or riding past bumper to bumper traffic… oh yeah!