The Compost Pedallers are a 100% bike-powered organics recycling program that makes it simple and rewarding to start composting.  Using a fleet of cargo bikes, we collect organic waste like food scraps and coffee grounds from central Austin homes & businesses and pedal them to nearby gardens to help grow more local food.

Like Bike Austin, the Compost Pedallers firmly believe that bicycling has the power to transform a community. And that’s not just fluffy rhetoric. Sure, cycling for fun or transit is a great way to stay in shape. There are few experiences as thrilling (or affordable) as flying down a big hill on a beautiful day, and building a connected road system that is convenient not only for motorists, but pedestrians, transit users, and cyclists alike will lead to less congestion and a healthier, happier Austin for decades to come. Through our commitment to pedal-powered collections, the Compost Pedallers have already saved over 20,000 gallons of diesel fuel from being used and burned over 1,500,000 calories for our rockstar Pedallers!

Bike Austin is working towards some really great goals to grow bicycling in Austin, one of which is to increase the number of bike trips by 2020. We think we can help with that. By the year 2020, we plan to be making over 20,000 bike trips a year for our compost collections alone. In addition, all of our employees are cyclists, and we encourage biking to work nearly as much as we require it at work!compost1

The Compost Pedallers are also committed to working closely with Bike Austin and other community groups to build a united voice advocating for a more bike-able, livable Austin. Without the cycling infrastructure that organizations like Bike Austin fight so hard to protect & grow, our company wouldn’t be able to exist, and Austin would be a much less enjoyable place to live. With that in mind, all of us at Compost Pedallers would like to thank you, from the bottom of our saddles, for your support of this great organization and everything it stands for. And to show our gratitude, we are now offering all Bike Austin members a 10% discount on our residential compost recycling services! Simply use the coupon code BIKE AUSTIN when signing up online to receive 10% off our monthly subscription fee of $16 for as long as you are a Bike Austin member.

We proudly provide weekly compost collections in Cherrywood, Hyde Park, Mueller, Windsor Park, Chestnut, North Loop, Skyview, compost2and Holly neighborhoods, and we recently opened service in Brentwood and Rosedale as well! If your home isn’t in the service area yet, the best way to bring us to your neighborhood is to create an account and join the waiting list.  Check out our current service area and visit CompostPedallers.com to learn more!