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Storyteller Series: Step Into My (Cycling) Shoes

How you can help change the world by supporting Bike Austin

We are essentially dealing with the future of our children

Step into my (cycling) shoes for a moment: These are just some viewpoints that I have come to believe and a lot of it is based on the foundation that access to transportation is one of the biggest form of equity. These are the thoughts of Pinaki Ghosh, long time...

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What She Said Fueled My Passion.

What a journey! As they say, time flies when you're having fun. When I started with Bike Austin in April, 2015 I was (still am) passionate about how infrastructure plays such an important role in our health as it creates pathways to...

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News & Events

October Business Member Profile: Yellow Bike Project

Tell us a little about why you're a bicycle-supporting business and a little about your business, in general. The Yellow Bike Project is a non-profit community bike shop dedicated to getting more people on bikes in Austin. We have workshop hours for anyone to come and...

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October Member Profile: Randy Greenberg

  When and why did you decide to become a Bike Austin member? I joined Bike Austin 3 years ago at the suggestion of good friend and former Bike Austin board member Dave Sullivan. I've always admired Dave's passion for community involvement and I thought Bike...

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Bike Friendly Business? Be recognized!

This last week it was my pleasure to cruise around town and experience our fine city's bike shops and bike friendly businesses with a few of our Amazing Bike Austin Ambassadors. Places where a hungry cyclist...

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Creative Types Wanted!

Creative Types Wanted! Bike Austin Education Fund Recycles! We are looking for creative types who can help develop the recycled bicycle parts art projects which will include collecting and cleaning old parts, creating classes and workshops, making and teaching art and...

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September Business Member Profile: Pedal Hard Austin

Tell us a little about why you're a bicycle-supporting business and a little about your business, in general. Founded by six-time Tour de France rider Kevin Livingston, Pedal Hard Austin has been the home for professional, personalized, and goal-oriented cycling...

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September Member Profile: Jen Figueroa

When and why did you decide to become a Bike Austin member? I became a member this summer after I started thinking about all my Austin cyclist friends who have been hit by cars over the years (while following all traffic rules and literally staying in their own lane),...

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