Changing Lanes: Austin’s Cycle Tracks

Guad cycle track 2013-09-11 1a edit 09-20aWhat Are Cycle Tracks?
Cycle tracks, also called “green lanes,” are separated bicycle facilities that run alongside a roadway. Unlike regular bike lanes, cycle tracks are typically separated from auto traffic by a physical barrier, such as parked cars, bollards, a landscaped buffer, or a curb. 

Why Is The City Of Austin Building Them?
A 2013 study shows that over half of Austinites are interested in bicycling to get around Austin, but are concerned about mixing with high-speed motor vehicle traffic.  For these people, a line of paint on the street isn’t enough to get them onto a bike.  These protected bikeways make bicycling along major streets comfortable and convenient for people of all ages and abilities, and encourage more people to ride bikes.  Austin is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Our major corridors can no longer fit more cars during peak commute times, so our city is improving mobility through transit, walking, and bicycling. However, with only 2% of work commute trips by bicycle, Austin is nowhere near reaching the full potential of bicycling.

Comfortable, All Ages and Abilities Bikeway Network
The City of Austin is taking steps to build an all-ages-and-abilities bikeway network connecting Austin via quiet neighborhood streets, via urban trails, and on major streets via “cycle tracks.” An all-ages-and-abilities bikeway network will allow more people to ride safely and comfortably from home to work, shop, and play. Convenient and seamless bikeway connections to bus and rail stations will expand Austin’s mobility options even further, making bicycling an everyday part of the lives of even more Austinites. Look for existing and upcoming cycle tracks on Rio Grande Street in West Campus, 4th Street next to the Convention Center, 3rd Street across downtown, Bluebonnet Lane, Barton Springs Road next to the Palmer Event Center, Pedernales Street, Mueller Boulevard, Berkman Drive, and Guadalupe Street next to UT at Austin.